Hobré Instruments is a leading company in the field of design, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of on-line analyzers, sample systems and complete turnkey analyzer systems for the gas and process industry. Key products of Hobré are:

  • Wobbe; determines the calorimetric value of a gas.
  • Hilase; suited for measuring various chemical species in the gas phase, including H2S, CO2, H2O.
  • Metorex; analyzes species in liquid streams using X-ray.
  • Hicosys; smoldering detection systems, used in applications were uncontrolled heating can take place like, for example in milk powder dryers.

Customers are major international players in the oil and gas industry such as Statoil, Saudi Aramco, BP, NAM, Shell, ExxonMobil, Total, Dow, Petro China and Sabic.


AAC Capital ( “AAC” ), a leading Benelux mid-market buyout firm, today announced the acquisition of a majority interest in Hobré Instruments B.V. ( “Hobré” ), from Parcom Capital ( “Parcom” ). The company’s management team, headed by CEO, Jeannot Kok, will invest alongside AAC. The acquisition fits with AAC’s strategy to invest in companies

Hobré Instruments BV today announced it has acquired Hobré Laser Technology kft (HLT) from Hilase kft. Hobré Laser Technology kft/Hilase was founded in 2004 as a spin off from the Department of Optics and Quantum Electronics of the University of Szeged, a leading university in the field of Photoacoustic technology. The innovative photoacoustic technology for

Parcom has sold CN Rood, a technological distributor that also provides knowledge and solutions to the educational, scientific and industrial institutes in the Benelux region, to the management of CN Rood. 

Parcom Capital (“Parcom”) today announced it has acquired Hobré Instruments BV (“Hobré”).